India US 2+2 Meet Live News Updates: Prime Minister Modi meets with President Joe Biden, virtually, calls… – Economic Times

Economic Times | 12 Apr, 2022 | 12:40AM IST
– Prime Minister Modi, in virtual interaction with President Biden
– President Biden
– Prime Minister Modi, during a virtual meet with President Biden
– President Biden, during virtual interaction with Prime Minister Modi
– US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J Austin III
PM @narendramodi has expressed grief on the loss of lives due to a mishap at a factory in Bharuch. He extends condo…
آدمی پر 16 ارب اور 8 ارب روپے کے کرپشن کیسز ہیں،اسے جو بھی وزیراعظم سلیکٹ اور الیکٹ کرتا ہے اس سے بڑی ملک کی توہین…
Scenes from outside Pakistan National Assembly in Islamabad The National Assembly of Pakistan will elect a new Pri…
– Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain
People in Colombo continue to protest against Sri Lanka govt as the country faces economic crisis "This protest wi…
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