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Jaadugar Budget and Collection : The introduction of OTT platforms in India has given many artists a new identity. One of these few talented performers is Jitendra Kumar. G. Jitendra Kumar has openly lived every character, whether it be Secretary of the “Panchayat” or Jitu Bhaiya of the “Kota Factory.”

People had great expectations for “Jaadugar,” a movie by Jitendra Kumar, for the same reason. The movie is now available on Netflix. Whether Jeetu Bhaiya lived up to the audience’s expectations in the much anticipated movie is known.

Jaadugar Film Information

Release Date15 July 2022
GenresSports Drama
Running Time166 min
Production CompanyPosham Pa Pictures

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Jaadugar Budget and Collection

Movie Jaadugar 
Budget 15 Crore 
Digital Rights 20 Crore 
Satellite Rights 2 crore 
Music Right N/A
Total Collection 22 Crore Approx 
Jaadugar Budget and Collection

Jaadugar Star Cast

  1. Jitendra Kumar
  2. Arushi Sharma
  3. Javed Jaffrey
  4. Dhruv Thukral
  5. Manoj Joshi
  6. Rajiv Nema
  7. Sameer Saxena

Jaadugar Story

Jaadugar Budget and Collection : Meeno is a story about a young child who lives in the Madhya Pradesh town of Neemuch. Even though Mino’s father was an excellent goalkeeper, football is not Mino’s sport of choice. His career goal is magic. Mineo despises football since his parents were plundered by it.

The culture of Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh, plays a central role in the narrative of “Jadugar,” which was directed by magician-turned-Jeetu Bhaiya Sameer Saxena. Meenu is enamoured of magic and continues to be mired in his own world.

Jaadugar Budget and Collection : During this, a female enters his life, setting off a bell in his chest. Meenu shows that girl his heart, but he cautions her that winning someone else’s affection is harder than it seems. Meenu exhibits bravery by going into the football pitch in search of his love. The real tale then starts to unfold.

Can the magician defeat his sweetheart in a football game? Will he find love or will football change his life? You must see the new movie “Jadugar” by Jitendra Kumar to find out the solutions to all of these queries.

Jaadugar Acting

Jaadugar Budget and Collection : In order to fulfil the wishes of his deceased brother, Meeno’s uncle Pradeep Narang (Javed Jaffrey) is competing in a football tournament. Unfortunately, Meeno isn’t helpful, and Pradeep doesn’t have a strong team. He is too
preoccupied with Dr. Disha Chhabra, an ophthalmologist, and the newest girl in town (Aroshi Sharma).

Meeno shows up with a marriage proposal less than a month after first seeing Disha. Disha then informs him that she won’t be married until her dad gives his blessing.

Jaadugar Budget and Collection : Meeno is given difficult tasks by Disha’s father, who claims that they can be accomplished if she wins the national football title. In Mino’s story, a fresh page has just begun. Will Meeno eventually succeed in ousting Disha? This must be shown in the movie.

Jaadugar Good or Not ?

Jaadugar Budget and Collection : The movie will be released if it is made, and if the second season of “Panchayat” is likewise successful, what greater opportunity could there be to release “Jadugar”? It seems likely that half of the audience would have started to leave in the middle of the movie if it had been shown in theatres.

One becomes fatigued just from contemplating a two hours and 46 minute OTT movie. However, it appears that no material from the film’s director, Sameer Saxena, has been left by the editor, Dev Rao Jadhav.

The film’s dialogue appears to be the entirety of the story, which has a dull plot. Yes, a few of the movie’s scenes have an impact.

Jaadugar Acting

Jaadugar Budget and Collection : Jitendra Kumar performed admirably in the movie, winning the audience’s hearts once more. The movie’s plot is compelling, and all of the actors—aside from Jitendra—have played their parts effectively. You must watch this if you enjoy lighthearted movies.

In “Jadugar,” in addition to Jitendra Kumar, Javed Jaffrey and Aarushi Sharma also portrayed the lead characters. Jitendra is an excellent performer, no question about that. People anticipate his series and feature for this reason. But to be quite honest, although his magic usually performed, it did not work on the magician.

The film is written by Vishwapati Sarkar, best known for his work on the movie Permanent Roommates, and is directed by Sameer Saxena. Jitendra Kumar, Aroshi Sharma, and Javed Jaffrey are also featured in the movie.

Jaadugar Final Review

Jaadugar Budget and Collection : You’ll get the impression from viewing the movie that the writers did everything they could to make Meenu’s character compelling. He was unable to do the other characters in this incident justice. Meenu is one of those characters in the movie that makes you feel disconnected from the others.

This will merely annoy people who enjoy watching movies. Jitendra can watch the movie once because he likes Kumar and doesn’t have any plans over the weekend. You can judge for yourself whether the rest of the movie is good or not once you’ve seen it.

On the other side, Aarushi and Javed Jaffrey did a good job portraying their roles. Regarding his characters, the only thing that can be said is that he didn’t do a particularly good or a particularly awful job.

Jaadugar Conclusion

Jaadugar Budget and Collection : I thought that the movie would be highly fascinating. However, this did not occur. There has been an attempt to obtrusively insert romance into the sports drama movie.

Because of this, neither a romantic movie nor a sports drama makes you feel particularly swoony. Despite having a strong celebrity cast, the movie’s plot feels laborious and uninteresting.

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