Tanisha Sharma Death Case Suicide

Today's filming on the set resulted in the suicide of TV actress Tunisha Sharma.

Actress Tunisha Sharma from the TV show Alibaba hanged herself the day before she died.

During the tea break, Tunisha went to the bathroom and stayed there for a while before breaking the door.

His hanged body was discovered when someone broke through the door. The passing of Tunisha has raised numerous doubts.

The actress Tunisha Sharma passed away, and her funeral services were scheduled for today 25 December.

There were no visible wounds on Tunisha's body. According to reports, hanging-related asphyxia was the cause of death.

Tunisha also contributed to several well-known TV shows, including Internet Wala Love and Ishq Subhallah.

Meanwhile, it has emerged from reliable sources that Tunisha and her co-star Sheezan had a romantic relationship.

Five days ago, they both got into a fight about something. Sheezan Khan, the main actor in the Ali Baba television series, will currently be questioned by the police as part of their ongoing inquiry.